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Radios & Receivers / Accessories & Test Equipment

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Digital radios & System Network - a step leap into the future
The digital radios resurfacing has really got hold - in particular with the development of the DMR standard - Digital Mobile Radio. DMR offers, thanks to DSP technology, no noise and related digital technology tone and voice qualities. DMR allows two simultaneous conversations, text messages, encryption, with IP connected base stations, without geographical restrictions solutions. In addition DMR has DMTonline also digital radios with other protocols including NXDN, P25 and IDAS.
DMTonline dealer digital radios from Kenwood, Hytera, Motorola and Icom. These radios can Danish developed software Alarm Control System, from Zonith applied, adapted to the customer's purpose.

LMR Radio and PMR radios - because safety requires speed
Analog radio is safe and effective at every opportunity. It offers simple operation and understandable communications. This makes it ideal for personnel who can operate safely, quickly and efficiently. As a valuable side benefit is analog communications economically attractive.
DMTonline dealer and stock well-known and reputed products from Kenwood, Hytera, Motorola, Icom, Vertex Standard and Entel. Moreover DMTonline also able to deliver system repeaters and accessories. In addition to the closed LMR systems can DMTonline offer its customers unlicensed radios to 446 MHz and 27 MHz radios.

Flight-radio, Hunting & Radio receivers - needed for some and useful for many
Safety in air travel is inconceivable without reliable communications: There are communications in cock-pitted, communication between aircraft and between aircraft and ground. DMTonline dealer approved radio equipment from Icom and from Standard Horizon.

Hunting radio ensures implementation of the hunting strategies and observation exchange, and not least the personal safety of both professional hunter and amateur hunter. DMTonline dealer hunting radios W-com and Icom, which is among the leading manufacturers of hunting radios. Hunting radios are programmed with frequencies that are dedicated to hunting.
DMTonline dealer professional radio receivers from WiNRADIO, Yaesu and Icom for use within the armed forces and emergency services-stone for monitoring purposes and for use in computer and radio amateurs.
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